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Some Meals That Can Get You Energized That You Never Take Notice Of.

Have   you ever felt tired and groggy after a
meal? It doesn't feel good. And it doesn't lead
to a productive or happy day. In fact, the foods
you eat can even impact the quality of your
relationships. You might not be able to focus
during meetings, or enjoy quality time with
your partner. It's amazing how when we eat
the wrong foods our body promptly responds
with low energy and a moody mind.
Fortunately, when you feed your body the right
foods, your body will soak up all that good
stuff. Not sure what I mean by the "right"
food? Well, these meals are the perfect
place to start. Add them to your daily meals
and you'll feel lighter, happier, and more

 Dark Leafy Greens

These guys top the list because they are high
in vitamins. Spinach, kale, broccoli, and
cabbage are all great choices. You should be
eating at least 2-4 cups per week. Aside from the vitamins, dark leafy vegetables
are a great source of fiber—which your gut
loves. Fiber keeps things…

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